Winter Goldstream Park Family Session

The Smith family and I first met at Goldstream park a few years ago during a rare snowfall blanketing Victoria!

The children had on their snug little mittens and the family’s little baby girl spent some of her time cozy and wrapped up on mama’s back. I love babywearing, it’s something about the closeness of a content sleeping little one, the vibrant colours and unique patterns!

The Smith’s are an adventurous and truly west coast family. We hiked a little ways into goldstream to find that the waterfall had frozen, a beautiful monument of ice with the sound of the coursing water that ran beneath it’s icy shell. Once we had a chance to full take in the waterfall the family’s sweet little boy reminded us that no hike in the park is complete without discovering hidden spots within trees!

Cozy winter family session in Goldstream Park (Victoria, British Columbia)

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