Raw and Emotional Hospital Birth of Baby Girl {Birth after Loss}

AvalonBirth - 1 - PreviewOn May 24th, in the early hours of the morning, a beautiful baby girl was brought into the world by a very brave mother and father. Their hearts were still grieving and healing from the loss of their first born daughter; it was an incredible lovingly supported labour and emotional delivery.

A team of doulas worked side by side with a midwife, pediatrician, nurses and a devoted father to come around and embrace mama as she did the hard physical work that is labour to bring their sweet baby girl into the world.

The moment we all heard little A’s first cry, there were no dry eyes in the room! The expressiveness on a brand new chubby cheeked face was something I had never seen so much as in baby girl A. She gave us the cutest little frowns and a wide open mouth smile (that even showed in her eyes). After a little nursing session and snuggling up in a warm blanket baby girl was cradled in her parents arms and a beautiful peace settled onto the room.

I know with certainty that both of their little girls will be loved and cherished beyond all measure. Congratulations to the new family xoxo

AvalonBirth - 3 - PreviewAvalonBirth - 7 - PreviewAvalonBirth - 8 - Preview
AvalonBirth - 10 - PreviewAvalonBirth - 12 - PreviewAvalonBirth - 92BW

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