Heartwarming Preemie Birth of Triplets and NICU Journey

The 2nd of November was a special day – three new lives entered the world at 35 weeks gestation; growing a family of three to six! A sweet mama had spent countless weeks on bed rest at VGH, missing her daughter and husband, but knowing it was what needed to be done to take the best care of her triplets.

Mama was brought in during the morning for a c-section under general anesthetic and the babies came earth side perfectly. A full team was required for each baby and there was barely standing room to be hand in the OR. Once out, the babies did fantastically well and were thriving in the NICU.

Meanwhile, in the recovery area mama was up and ready to meet her children for the first time!
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If your child has ever been in the NICU, you know there are a million feelings that you are feeling all the time and all at once. There is a brilliant team that staff’s VGH’s NICU unit. The room itself is always filled with a love that radiates from the parents, nurses and doctors; under their care together life blooms from tiny sprouts into vibrant flowers.

Thank-you so much to this family for inviting me to document this journey for you. I feel honoured to have been there to support this mama and know that their whole family will continue to be grown in love.

As I photographed this mama holding each of her children in the days after they were born, she whispered to them “You make my life complete”.

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