Capturing Connection – Make Time for Couples (Parents!)

Stand-Up Paddle Board date in the Sooke Basin

This is our most recent photo together! We tried out stand-up paddle boarding on a date

My husband and I are in the groove of spelling things out when we don’t want the kids to know what we’re talking about. Be it something potentially scary on the news or a personal disagreement – it’s going to be spelled out letter by letter. This works for us in this season of life because neither of our kids can spell, but this will not always be the case. Sooner than later the choice will be to leave certain conversations until after the children’s bedtime, all amidst chauffeuring kids to soccer, grocery shopping, work, cleaning the house before company comes over. Your time to connect with each other shrinks and it can feel lonely sometimes.

A family session is the perfect opportunity to remember that long before parenthood, there were two people who were in love. As individuals they have passions and hobbies, and as time went by those two separate people have spent time growing together as well. To have children see two people who love each other, dance, wink, or make each other laugh at odd inside jokes… it inspires adoration, respect and the desire in our children to seek out relationships that will be as healthy and positive as what they’ve seen role modelled.

Over the last two years my own family has made time to slow down and be photographed together. While I treasure pictures of my family (with me in the frame even!), I have a special love for the ones that are just of my husband and I.

It can be hard to just focus on each other for a few moments, especially when we are so used to being in ‘parent’ mode instead of ‘partner’. This is especially true for families with little ones who are used to having to fight and guard time for closeness! As a photographer I have worn babies in carriers, brought bribes (as pre-approved by parents) or toted picnic blankets and Sophie the beloved squeaky giraffe so that parents can have the option to be photographed as a couple without having to worry for a few seconds of what their baby bears are getting into.Whipps Parents

Here are some ideas for showing your sparks during a family session:

  1. Whisper something in their ear – it brings you both in close and depending on what you whisper is highly likely to result in laughter and genuine smiles!
  2. Dance – It doesn’t need to be fancy, start with a hug, or leaning on your partner’s chest. End with a dip silhouetted against the sunset and you’ll have made art and a romantic memory.
  3. Talk about when you first fell in love – Was it the way he serenaded you on the accordion that won you over? Or how she arrived to your first date on a motorcycle? It’s fun to reminisce, and other people will enjoy hearing the story!
  4. Close your eyes – let everything else fade away. You can rest your foreheads together or kiss, it’s all about enjoying the moment with each other and forgetting distractions!
  5. Go for a walk holding hands – you can walk away from the photographer or towards, the choice is yours and there’s no wrong way to do it!

Give yourself permission to close your eyes, embrace, laugh and feel.  The kids can be sat down or distracted for a few frames while you enjoy what brought you here to this moment in the first place. Enjoy the moment!

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