My Favourite 16 Images from 2016

These are my absolute favourite images from 2016 – a year that that pushed me technically and took me on many adventures. Which is your favourite? I would love for you to tell me why as well!

Goodbye 2016, hellllloooooo 2017!

My beautiful friend from high school, waiting on her son to make his grand entrance into the world! I love this image for it’s colours and the lovely mama-to-be standing in it. We were on the inside of an outstretched canopy of leaves that looked like fire or a sunset was streaming down all around her.


Once of my last session’s of the year: a fall family session at Hatley Castle. We had the best weather and the colours were beautiful. The Combs family brought great energy to their shoot, and later they enjoyed having a playful leaf fight!


This mama was a powerhouse. She was grace and strength all at the same time. Her determination and the support of her partner brought their little girl earthside in a beautiful delivery.


How can you not love this photo?! Let them eat cake!


Ah Wonder Woman, this lady right here is one of my heroes. Her bold boudoir session in the gym was unforgettable and empowering to say the least! This shot was using the available light in the room, but most of frames we used multiple lighting sources – I had just been moving an umbrella over and when I turned around the light was hitting Jill dynamically all on it’s own.


Jodie. Her name must be the definition of fierce. After being diagnosed with breast cancer she started treatment and never looked back. We got together with her husband and wonderful friend, Leona. This was a big moment. When you can do something to ground yourself and remind yourself that you’re in control of how you handle your cards and go forward on your journey. Jodie shaved her hair with the help of her friend before chemotherapy could cause it to fall out. After some tears, there was laughter, and we toasted to this amazing and resilient woman.


These are the Little Spirit houses that can be found at Royal Oak’s Burial Garden. There is a special memorial held every year and after volunteer at the hospital this past year with bereaved families, I wanted to photograph moments of reflection and healing. All the candles you see lit here are in memory of a little one gone too soon. Hearts shared their deepest and raw feelings, followed by music, healing and embraces filling the room.


This image was exactly what I had hoped to capture, genuine loving connection. Everything from the golden warm tones to the hands intertwined… ah, young romance!


I loved the dynamic between this couple – the playfulness the connection they had, it was beautiful and inspiring. There’s something about this that reminds of Nicholas Sparks novel ‘The Notebook’.


This family session happened down by the Sooke Potholes with light that made the drops on the trees just sparkle. And look at that winning smile! An invitation from mom and dad to swing high up into the air has to be one of the best ways to ensure squeals of laughter and happy smiles.


Another beautiful lady that I knew back in high school tied the knot this past summer in Edmonton. This was my first wedding that I had to fly out to, and photograph in a city that was foreign to me! I loved how after getting some of the big group shots done in the city that we were able to head up to a park that overlooks the city and give the newlyweds a chance to connect on their own.


There are so many reason’s I love this photo! It was my largest family session to date, and one of the family’s brought their pup who wore a kilt! The kids were fantastic and had tons of personality. This family had traveled miles and miles to be together in Sooke to celebrate two very special birthdays.


Look familiar? This my powerhouse birthing mama from the image at the start of this post and the amazing love of her life, snuggling with their perfect baby girl. I couldn’t be happier for them and loved seeing them so smitten as a new little family.


East Sooke Park is one of my favourite places to take families. The kids can run wild and free through the tall grass, but they always come back for a big hug with mom and dad. This family has worked with me before and I’ve been lucky enough to see their children grow over the years. It’s amazing hearing about everything that they’ve accomplished over the year – I love how much they are enjoying being a family, you can see it written all over them <3


I don’t know that I’ve met a more proud father and mama. Some people have trouble adjusting to the demands of a newborn and their new identity as parents – not these two. Snuggled up on a couch – you can feel the love they have for their son. Photos don’t always have to have the subject looking at the photographer; beautiful photos are about the connection and emotion.


I love love love this family. Mama is full of laughter and her smile is contagious. You can’t help but feel happy around her. That must be where her kids get it from because they love each other so much and it shows. We went for a walk along the beach at Esquimalt lagoon, jumping over drift wood and running away from waves. Barefoot on a sandy beach walking with the people that love you the most in the world, I was so thrilled to capture this for them.

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