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What is Birth Photography?

Birth photography looks different for every client – it can involve a hospital or home, bed or birth pool/tub, midwife or doctor, support team of dad, doula, sister, or grandmother to be… the list goes on! Birth photography is about documenting your personal journey through the process of birth! It is hard work to bring a child into the world, but the journey is empowering and beautiful. By having a photographer present at your birth, it allows all of your support team to be present with you, the labour process and baby.

Are pictures taken for the entire duration of labour and birth?

I ask my clients to contact me as soon as they are having contractions (irregular or not!), just so I can have a heads up and make arrangements for my family and reschedule other appointments. Once you are in active labour (4cm or thereabout and having regular contractions, unless during our consultation we make other arrangements) I will be on my way to you! Depending on previous obstetrical history, I can come earlier, especially if you have a history of babies that like to arrive quickly :) From the point that I arrive I will stay until up to two hours after baby is born. If at any point you would like me to step out, or are feeling uncomfortable I will gladly give you the space needed to refocus and relax.

I don’t want nudity in my photos or for them to be too graphic, is this possible to do?

Of course! This is something that we will go over during our consultation meeting so that I have a clear understanding of what and how you would like to be photographed. Some parents would like to have shots of everything about their labour and birth (Ex. breastfeeding, the baby crowning, placenta, cord cutting, etc), where as other parents prefer to have their pictures more family friendly. By being cognizant of this before going into the birth I will use angles that ensure there is minimal exposure while still telling your birth story.

Will photos be posted to the internet of my birth?

I ask that my clients sign a photo release as part of our contract so that I can promote birth photography in the community and for portfolio purposes, however if there are photos that you would like to keep private then I will absolutely respect your wishes.

After I have edited some of the highlights from your birth story, your photos are initially only shown to you via an e-mail preview. After you have had a chance to go through them and I receive your approval, I will add these to the business facebook page and blog. If at any time you require me to pull pictures from the site/blog/facebook, this will be done so immediately. I hope that you will allow me to share parts of your story through my business’s media to show other parents and support teams how wonderful and empowering an experience birth is!

Will we meet before I go into labour/deliver?

Absolutely, yes! After our initial contact we will set up a time to sit down (along with any support people you would like to have come) and talk about what your expectations are, labour details, pricing, contracts, and spend some time getting to know each other. Tell me about your other children (they can come to if you like!), music you love, any aches and pains your feeling (I’m a mama too and can relate!) – you nor I want to be strangers for this kind of work :) If you have any questions or if your support team has any questions I encourage you to be open about everything. It is equally important for dad to feel comfortable with having my presence in the room during labour and birth. Also if your care provider has any concerns or questions I am happy to email, call or meet with them in person.

Is there a time limit?

Babies take how long babies take – and baby is running the show on their birthing day! I aim to arrive shortly after active labour has started and will stay up to two hours after baby is born, however long that takes! You are not on the clock and neither am I. If it looks like baby has planned a marathon labour then I may step outside to a waiting area or other room to encourage you to rest and relax during times where activity has slowed down – I won’t go far though!

What happens if you miss the birth?

If I miss your birth due to my own fault (Ex. do not answer phone) then you will receive a refund of your second payment. Should the birth be missed because of unavoidable circumstance (Ex. car accident, extreme weather) or fault of the client then no refund is given. In the event that the birth is missed, regardless of fault, I will offer a fresh 48 session (30-40 images, each in black & white and colour; takes places at the location of baby’s birth {hospital or home} within 48 hours of birth and after you have had a chance to shower and rest (This session will focus on all of baby’s first moments and details, family picture, introduction to siblings and grandparents, etc.) OR a newborn session once you have settled back in at home.

What if a Caesarean section is required (Emergency/Planned)?

At Victoria General Hospital only one support person is allowed entry to the OR with the mom. In the event that an emergency c-section is required and I have had enough time to get to the hospital, I will send my camera in to the operating room with your support person. Prior to your support person’s admittance to the OR I will capture details of them getting suited up and preparing. While waiting outside I will document as much detail as I can with my second camera and will join you in recovery (as well as I am given the all clear by staff) ASAP to photograph you and the support person with your new beautiful baby!

If a c-section has been planned you are welcome to discuss with your doctor the possibility of my attendance in the event you would like me to attend your birth as a support person. For me to be in the OR I must have the approval of the anaesthesiologist, doctor, head nurse, and possibly other medical staff.

What if after baby is delivered and there are concerns?

When baby arrives if there is a medical emergency then I will be required to put the camera down and wait for a signal from the medical staff that it is appropriate to resume photographing. When the situation has stabilized we can continue taking pictures as well as join up with baby in the NICU or wherever the parents and baby are reunited.

When should I book?

You are welcome to book with me wherever you are in your pregnancy! Generally I have found that parents wait until half way through the second trimester.

Will you use flash?

I make every effort to not have to use flash. That said, I do have an external flash unit which I can bounce off of the ceiling and walls (never directly at you!). I ask that my clients allow for some kind of light source to be used during labour and birth so that I can just use the available light and avoid flash. If the camera can’t see, the pictures aren’t going to be able to reflect what you have hired me to do. It does not need to be a hugely significant amount of light, just more than a couple of candles. Feedback from births where I have used flash have always said that they didn’t notice it at all and that the flash was non-intrusive :)

How many photographs will I receive?

My estimate is around 100 images – if I go over this amount then you will receive those as well. In essence, I will take as many as is necessary to tell your birth story. They will be edited in colour and black & white.

How soon will I receive my photos?

You will receive your initial sneak peak within 48 hours of baby being born. The entire collection will be completed in no longer than 2 weeks. All images will be uploaded to a private password protected gallery. The Goddess Birth Story package includes a beautiful custom album which will be delivered around 6 weeks after the birth.

Lastly, (this is something I have heard from parents but wouldn’t call it a frequently asked question) I don’t need a birth photographer when my husband/partner can just take photos.

While this is true, there is a piece missing from the story when a partner or support person has to manage a camera this means that they no longer get to be present for the birth – everything is seen through the viewfinder, or a smartphone screen. That is not the way anyone wants to welcome their child into the world. Dad’s are an incredibly important part of the birth story and sometimes they get left behind in the activity happening all around them. Before I had personally discovered birth photography, I can recall at my own births trying to find the camera on the side table so I could take a picture of my husband with our new babies and it was all together just too much to do! You’ll only get to experience the birth of your child once; let yourself take in the moment with your partner, and let your partner enjoy the moment too. Real dads from Victoria spoke up about how birth photography positively impacted their birth experience, you can read about it by clicking HERE.

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