Brave & Bold – Gym Boudoir

jb-boudoir-spIt takes a brave soul to step out of their comfort zone. And being perfectly honest, even though this was a first session for me to be shooting boudoir and using dynamic lighting, I am definitely referencing my vivacious subject here! I think it takes a far greater amount of courage to bare all in front of the camera than it does to be the one fully dressed behind the lighting and lenses!

Something else that takes tenacity and bravery? Getting up early every.single.morning and putting one foot (very quickly!!) after the other on the treadmill, picking up and throwing on heavier plates than you’ve ever attempted before, then rallying the kids through breakfast and hustling off to school – only to come home and balance 100 other things in between drop-off and pick-up, teach classes, and… well the list could go on for pages more.

We have to rewind for a moment. Last year we lit up a certain someone’s painted wedding dress and kicked off a new chapter in her life. These images illustrate that woman today; I would say the “same woman” but she has grown and changed too much for that to be true.

365 days later from our session on the beach, Jill has been showing the world just what she can do. Her passion for healthy living, physical fitness, being a mother & friend and experiencing moments to the fullest.

I don’t know if she knew at the time, but that day on the shoreline she started truly living out loud – the woman she was meant to be. Jill sparkled and rose to every challenging occasion that did indeed rise over the course of the year. Dedication to working out and new challenges took her to whole new heights.

These images are a celebration of the happiness and strength.

Putting yourself out there or accepting a challenge, oh it’s hard. What will people think?! What if I fail?! Who cares about those questions! More importantly, ask yourself how this will help you grow, what will it teach you about yourself? Happiness will come and it will fuel your bravery to take on the next big thing.

When you get out of your comfort zone, that’s where you reap the biggest rewards. What have you accomplished in the last year that you should be celebrating? Are you still hanging out in your comfort zone? Hmmm?

Stop what you’re doing!

Either celebrate being brave: Get out the confetti, wine glasses and buy that plane ticket to Hawaii (if you want, you can totally take me with you!)

Or be bold then celebrate: sign up for that new class, speak up, face a personal fear, and challenge the next person you see to a rap battle

Ok, what I mean to say is… celebrate being bold and brave.

Be your own kind of beautiful.


Thanks for working with me Wonder Woman! <3


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