4 Ways Moms Can Enjoy Their Long Commute

I’m a mom and photographer living in beautiful Sooke, British Columbia. There are 2 things that people will say to you when you tell them that you live in our westcoast little town:
1. Oh, I’ve been there to go camping – it’s beautiful! The hiking and beaches, sigh, you’re so lucky!
2. Where is that?? You go farther than Costco?!

Either statement is guaranteed to be followed up with, “but how do you handle the commute?”

two winter jackets, gym bag, and two packed lunches, show and tell.. and a spoon in the passenger door, just in case! A typical school day for us!

If you’ve lived on the mainland or other parts of the world, the commute from Sooke to town (Westshore or Victoria… or maybe even the distance all the way to North Saanich!) is really not bad at all. But as a mom, you’ve got school drop offs, pick up, grocery shopping, appointments, regular shopping, after school teams/activities, and work… well that starts to add up! Nevermind the gas (ouch), a mom living in Sooke can log a ridiculous amount of hours sitting behind the wheel driving from point A to B… to C to D and she never made it to point E because of a road closure ;)

You know what would make those hours a lot more enjoyable… anything, ha! What if we, as moms, started thinking about our commute time as potential ‘me time’? Intrigued?? Read on! As a mom and woman that works, I often feel stretched to my limits. I miss reading books and learning about things that have nothing to do with paw patrol or the next school fundraiser, sometimes I swear my vocabulary is actually shrinking!

Here are 4 things to try out next time you hit the road

  1. Podcasts: These come highly recommended by fellow moms: Beyond Burn Out, Life Hacks for Working Moms (but really it’s great for every mom!), The Boss Mom, Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert, Happier with Gretchen Ruben, Lore and the Black Tapes, Serial
  2. TEDTalks: Innovative talks about life, mechanics, relationships, travel, science, self-understanding… the world is your oyster!
  3. Audiobooks: Pick a genre, there’s something out there for every reader!
  4. Call a friend: Chances are good that your girlfriend is suffering the same tedious drive, why not make time to connect and give her a shout! Or call family!
  5. Learn another language: learn some Spanish for your trip to Mexico so you can say more than “cerveza por favor!”

BONUS ideas:

  1. Pick up a fun travel mug or infuser water bottle: It can be one that you can put pictures of places that you loved visiting, your children and family, pets, or maybe just something with a little bit of sarcasm and wit! Or get a water bottle that lets you infuse your H2O with fruit/veggies. A hydrated mama, is a happy mama.
  2. Essential oil diffuser: You can make a DIY oil diffuser to clip onto your car (http://buyingessentialoils.blogspot.ca/2015/12/essential-oil-diffuser-for-car.html) or you can pick one up at the store. I love the smell of lavender and when I’m heading to a birth or situation that is going to have me on my toes, I like to do what I can do head into it feeling calm and relaxed (as much as possible anyway!) It also helps me forget about the mass amount of fishy crackers, yogurt cups, and/or juice boxes fermenting in my backseat..
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