2015 Birth Stories Slideshow

A new and squishy little cherub has just been placed into a mother’s arms; the journey to get to this moment has been filled with challenges and accomplishments. Sometimes that accomplishment was reaching full term, labouring at home, creating a positive birth experience to heal from trauma and loss, or enduring weeks of bed rest to make it to viability.

A calm eventually settles on the birth space. After bringing a baby into the world, parents will hear me tell the new mom how amazing she was. I make a point to say it because it is the inspiring and absolute truth.

It is not usually until much later that I will have the chance to actually congratulate new parents. You see, I am behind a camera lens documenting the pivotal, empowering, and life changing moment that is the birth of their baby.

Every single moment of the births I have been invited to photograph has left me feeling overwhelmingly honoured – not just to be there when a new life takes their first breath, but to be able to give parents the gift of being fully present. So that they can enjoy that moment of breathtaking triumph.

Mothers go back through their birth story and see a woman who is full of resilience, strength and joy.

Fathers have a story that includes them in it, being recognized as strong anchors beaming with pride.

Professional in my capacity to remain a fly on the wall, telling your story – tears will always quietly fall from eyes and I silently cheer on the mom and dad as they begin this new adventure. I am so proud and bursting with happiness for you.

Parents, grandparents, siblings are in awe of the little person they now hold in their arms and hearts – and I stand in awe of them.

To the families who grew in 2015, thank-you for letting me tell your story. I can’t wait to see where you go in your future chapters.

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Work of Heart Photography – 2015 Births


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